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Agents of Shield (S.H.I.E.L.D.) is a Marvel Sci-fi/Sci-fantasy TV series that first aired in 2013.

Transhumanist Plot Points

Season 1

Season 1's transhumanist plot point focuses largely on the re-animation of Agent (Phil) Caulson after he was killed in the first Avengers movie. This is achieved using some Science fiction and Science fantasy elements. The main Fantasy element being the use of Kree (an alien race) blood. Kree blood is also used later in the series to stop Skye (later Daisy) from dying.

Season 2

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Season 3

Season 3 sees the emergence of the Inhumans as main characters.

Season 4

Season 4 began to air on the 20th of September 2016

Episode 1:

In the lab, Gemma uses some kind of simulated or augmented reality device in the form of a headset. There are also some kind of AR glasses used by Agent May and a team of Shield soldiers.

We are also introduced to Aida, a cybernetic robot with human appearance created by Dr. Radcliffe (A Transhumanist as mentioned in season 3). The robot isn't quite working yet, appearing before Fitz nude and stuck in some kind of loop. Dr. Radcliffe mentions Ultron and AI being banned, saying Aida is mimicry technology and not Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Radcliffe also mentions hopes of Aida passing the Turing test.

Agent Coulson also has a new prosphetic hand that has an x-ray vision like capability.

Episode 2:

Episode 2 features mostly Sci-fantasy elements with Ghost Rider, other "ghosts" and their stories taking centre stage.

We also learn that the new director of Shield is an Inhuman.