Altered Carbon

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Altered Carbon is a TV series on Netflix.[1] The first season premiered on February 2, 2018, featuring ten episodes.

The series is based on the 2002 novel trilogy written by Richard K. Morgan.

In a dystopian future, most people have utilised ubiquitous mind uploading technologies to create digital immortality via a spinal 'cortical stack' implant, in a process known as 'resleeving'. Catholic minorities reject the technology, in turn making them extra vulnerable to criminals. The setting features faster than light stack transmission via needlecast[2], and a long-lived Methuselan elite caste (colloquially known as "Meths").

The protagonist of the series is former Envoy Corps military operative Takeshi Kovács, whose stack has been taken from prison and resleeved in order to investigate the death of a Meth named Laurens Bancroft; ruled a suicide, but Bancroft's backup is convinced that he was murdered.

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