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== References ==
== References ==
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Arcology is a field of design principles focused on the unification of architecture and ecology, named by Paolo Soleri in 1959.[1] The word 'arcology' is also used to refer to structures built from these principles, or generally capable of both housing large numbers of people and maintaining some degree of independence from the surrounding environment. It is sometimes misappropriated to greenwash large development projects, exploiting the public's unfamiliarity with ecological practices.[2]

Arcology projects

Soleri himself started a demonstration project of these principles, Arcosanti, in Arizona.[3]

The Old Man River's City project was a domed city proposed by Buckminster Fuller to house 125,000 people near East St Louis, Illinois.[4]

In fiction

In the SimCity video game series, arcologies are expensive individual buildings that house tens of thousands of people, most of which do not emit pollution.[5]

In the Shadowrun game franchise, some megacorporations possess their own legally sovereign territory, and construct massive arcology facilities in major cities for the reliability and defensive benefits gained from their environmental and infrastructure independence.[6]

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