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BioShock is a video games series created in 2007 by Ken Levine (creative director of System Shock 2) with 2K Games and Irrational Games for both BioShock 1 and BioShock Infinite and video game studio was, unfortunately, defunct In February 24, 2017 they disconnected from 2K games and rebranded as Indie studio under Ghost Story Games while 2K Marin only made BioShock 2 with some help of BioShock.


The first two games of the series are based in a dieselpunk, biopunk, magical realism, underwater, dystopian city that was a result of civil war that occurred a year before the player's arrival.

The third game is steampunk with a few biopunk and unusual sci-fantasy elements. Unlike the previous games, BioShock Infinite is set on a floating, apparently (falsed) utopian city, that was founded by a self-described prophet, Zachery ComStock.

Later in the third game the two protagonists jump to two alternate timelines; the second timeline Book fails to get Elizabeth in time. And in the third and more important timeline, Booker this time helping only Resistance group Vox populi to vengence on ComStock but dies in process off-screen triggering successful uprising by destory city or occupied some parts before some floating building fallen down thus dystopia part begins showing when your heros jump one last time.


The first game's back story features a fictional genetically modified drug 'Adam' enabling superpower-like abilities commercially. These are used through injectable and marketed "Plasmids". The third game features a similar device called "Vigors" whichy are drinkable for powers. There People drink vigors for various other reasons such as Cornelius Slate as self defense from Founders, Crow/Zealot of Lady are find the attacker to kill Lady Comstock - with minor results in some form of mutation.

During the first two games, most of enemies that player fight are "Splicers", addicts of that drug as results of Adam withdraw, causing insanity, mutations, severe deformities. Other deformities include face surgery, injuries from the civil war. The enemy on most of series named 'Big Daddies', their job is to protect mutated little girls named 'Little Sisters' in their goal of extracting raw Adam from corpses.

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