Bionic penis

A bionic penis is a body modification to enhance or 'repair' a penis though mechanical means.

“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.”
           –The Six Million Dollar Man[1]


Biohacker Rich Lee is working on a product called the Lovetron9000 to create an interactive vibrating penis.[2]

The feature appears to catch the interest of the ladies.[3]

In 2016 the world's first horse-to-human penis transplant was performed.[4]

The first bionic penis saw action in 2016.[5] They are now options for people born without one.[6]

Not yet real

It was suggested that microchip technology has recently been developed to ensure penis-vulva activity which doesn't have an authorised digital signature can send an alert to a partner to alert to possible infidelity.[7] This is not a real thing however.[8]

Proposed hoverboard integration still seems unlikely.[9]

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