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Blade Runner is a 1982 Cyberpunk science fiction movie starring Harrison Ford. The movie is based on the book: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick.


Rick Deckard AKA Blade Runner (Harrison Ford) is tasked to track down and "retire" (a euphemism for kill) 4 replicants who have escaped from off-world colonies and returned to the Earth. The replicants are genetic inventions created by Tyrell Corporation, made in order to colonise and work on other planets.

The replicants are only given a 4 year life span and it is believed that the 4 replicants who have returned to Earth may be there to try to find a way extend their longevity.

Transhumanist Themes

There are multiple Transhumanist elements to the movie, the replicants themselves are examples of bio augmentation, cloning, simulated consciousness, implanted memories (Rachel, and perhaps Blade Runner), and genetic enhancements with one of the characters referring to himself as a "genetic designer".

The replicants are also extreme examples of longevity advocacy, given that they only have a 4 year life span.

Other Futurist Elements

  • Flying Cars
  • Surveillance Technologies

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