Brent Ellman

Brent Ellman is the Secretary for the U.S. Transhumanist Party and Bar Manager at Knew Conscious. He describes himself as a forward-thinking Transhumanist with libertarian leanings. As a radical centrist, humanitarian, and singularitarian, he respects consciousness, values life, and resonates deeply with the theory of emergent evolution.

He has been an active member of the United States Transhumanist Party since 2018 and became Secretary in 2023. Throughout his career, Brent has also made significant contributions to prominent Transhumanist organizations, such as Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions Inc. (TAFFD’s) and the World Talent Economy Forum. He is captivated by the transformative potential of science and technology and has an interest in AI, longevity science, neurotechnology, automation, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, genetic engineering, cryonics, and nanotechnology.

Brent has been an advisor to the World Talent Economy Forum since June 2021. He envisions a future characterized by universal abundance, where society has transcended the limitations defined by scarcity. He firmly believes that emergent and disruptive technologies are the key to reshaping our world for the better, and he aspires to play an active role in catalyzing such a shift.

Brent is the coauthor of Seizing Our Singularity Future, a collection of essays developed for a course on “Exponential Technologies and Business Opportunities in the Age of Singularities” by TAFFD’s for the Tekedia Institute as part of a Mini Masters of Business Administration program.

Previously, Brent was Marketing Director at TAFFD’s, promoting their vision of providing everyone with equal opportunity to participate in transforming the world and establishing an adaptive and transformative disciplinary approach to deal with social, political, technological, and ethical issues.

Brent was cofounder of Live Red Entertainment. Live Red Entertainment played a central role as the primary production company for the Euphoria Music Festival in Austin, TX, over several years. He was briefly the CXO for a Denver-based, nonprofit startup called SPRK PR, which focused on providing helpful resources to at-risk youth.

Brent is a 2008 National Outdoor Leadership School graduate. He is also one of Tom Ross’s US6 Initiates, as well as an Ambassador and Strategist for his “Open Source Mode” — a management consulting method for companies looking to install an AI or automated system.

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