Buddhist transhumanism

Buddhist transhumanism seeks to integrate mindfulness practices with emerging technologies

Buddhist transhumanism is an emerging idea, integrating transhumanism with Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy

Michael LaTorra published 'What Is Buddhist Transhumanism?'[1][2] in 2015, covering goals such as reducing suffering and realizing awakening, but with the assistance of scientific knowledge and technological means.

James Hughes, a former Buddhist monk himself, has written of a 'Cyborg Buddha' as analogy for combining practices such as meditation to increase empathy with established transhumanist ideas such as cyborgization in a term he describes as 'moral enhancement'. The Cyborg Buddha project has undergone as small amount of critique, in fashions comparable to the issues faced by christian transhumanism.[3] Commentary has also come from India, where commentators appear open to the idea.[4]

There is now a Buddhist crypotocurrency to inventive Buddhist activities.[5]

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