This Calendar page lists forthcoming events likely to be of significant interest to transhumanists.

As such, the page is provided as a service to the transhumanist community.

To keep this list focused, events should be included only if core transhumanist ideas or perspectives feature in the event.

For example, events on AI will generally not be included, unless they feature topics such as AGI.

Forthcoming events

Date Country Location Event
19-20 September 2020 Switzerland SWISS Arena in Kloten CYBATHLON 2020 "Promoting research, development, and implementation of assistive technology."
16-18 October 2020 Spain Madrid TransVision Madrid "Help promote futurist research and development in Spain and around the world"
September 2021 USA USC Campus, Los Angeles, California Transvision 2021 "Society, Politics, Economics, Education, and the Environment’s Climate Fluctuation themes"
12 February 2045 All Countries Planet Earth Singularity 2045 "Singularity Modernism with Countdown Clock"


This part of the page lists events that have already taken place.

(Items are moved here from above, once the date of the event has passed)

Date Country Location Event
9-12 July 2019 France Lille The 11th Beyond Humanism Conference "Critical Posthumanism and Transhumanism: the posthuman paradigm shift"
28-30 March 2019 Germany Berlin The 2019 Undoing Aging Conference "Accelerating rejuvenation therapies to repair the damage of aging"
23-24 February 2019 USA Austin, Texas BDYHAX human augmentation, Austin "Making human augmentation accessible"
21-23 February 2019 USA Claremont, CA 2019 Philosophy of Religion Conference "Humanity: An Endangered Idea?"
26-28 January 2019 USA Dallas, Texas The Dallas Aging & Cognition Conference "The Science of The Aging Mind"
15 December 2018 Netherlands Amsterdam Nexus Insituut "The Battle Between Good and Evil"
15 December 2018 USA Atherton, CA BDYHAX human augmentation, Bay Area "Human Augmentation 101 WEST"
1 December 2018 USA Newport Beach, CA Alcor, Maximum Life Foundation, and Humanity+ "Super Longevity Party"
20-23 November 2018 Argentina Buenos Aires 9th International Colloquium on the Philosophy of Technology "Algorithmic dystopias: Technologies, the human and power"
13-15 November 2018 Poland Warsaw Masters & Robots "Empower the visionaries to build the solutions for tomorrow"
14 November 2018 UK London & Live Online Harris Debate 2018 "What future for professions in a world of algorithms?"
8-10 November 2018 Belgium Brussels Fourth Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing "Envisioning a world free of age-related diseases"
6 November 2018 Denmark Copenhagen Conversations with the future "The Future Will Find Us All, But Will We Find the Future?"
1 November 2018 UK London Investing in the age of longevity "Be among the first to tap into the biggest money fountain ever"
19-21 October 2018 Spain Madrid TransVision 2018 "The extension of life and the expansion of life"
18 October 2018 UK London Guardian-Live: Is the future transhuman? "To be a machine?"
14-16 October 2018 Canada Toronto Biohacker Summit with Spark "Where Technology, Culture & Health Intersect"
15 October 2018 UK London David Pearce speaking at LSE "Humanity+ : Upgrading Our Species"
14 October 2018 UK London Battle of Ideas: Transhumanism "Who wants to live forever?"
9 October 2018 UK London LSE Futuristic Affairs "Transhumanist Manifesto for the 2020s and beyond"
23 September 2018 France Paris Neuroscience, Paris Dernier bar avant la fin du monde, Sunday, 2 PM - 5 PM "Neuroscience and Transhumanism"
22 September 2018 USA Pittsburgh, PA BDYHAX human augmentation, Pittsburgh "Human Augmentation 101 WEST"
20-23 September 2018 USA San Diego, CA RAADFest 2018 "All in for life"
19-20 September 2018 USA Pittsburgh, PA Thrival Festival "Humans X Tech"
13 September 2018 Bulgaria Ravda Transhumanism and longevity Part of VSIM:18
6-7 September 2018 Czech Republic Prague Future Port Prague "Upgrade yourself: Understanding, Mindset, Skills, Connections"

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