Calment's Day

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Calment's Day occurs on the 21st of February every year.

Here's a copy of the Facebook announcement of Calment's Day 2016:

On the 21st of February we will commemorate the birthday of the so far oldest verified human ever, Jeanne Calment.

Life extensionists all over the world will show their support for the cause of extending life and defeating aging. This is done by posting a selfie eating chocolate/olive oil/red wine which Calment attributed her longevity too.

Will you show your support for the cause? Also take the opportunity with your selfie to tell us who you are and if you are doing something to get aging under control for currently living people to benefit. How many people will post their chocolate-eating selfies this time? Can we get 1000? 10 000? or a Million?

The more people showing their support the greater impact the event will have on defeating the biggest killer and economic problem that humanity has got, in order for currently living people to benefit.