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Correction: It should be "The Transhumanist Manifesto" (all initial caps with "The" in front of the manifesto). This is the offspring of the original "Transhuman Statement", written in 1992. While there were other statements and manifestos, as usual or customary in the art world, outside of this field, The Transhumanist Manifesto became of official manifesto for transhumanism as the movement/worldview, when we set out to build a movement/worldview in the early 1990s and is logged in the field of philosophy with respect of the field of anthropology. The Transhumanist Manifesto was updated a few times, as needed to be more aware of changes and a stronger understanding of humanity as a member of the gestalt ecology.

But this Category includes a range of different documents, not just "The Transhumanist Manifesto". Many of these other documents call themselves "declarations" of one sort or another --David W. Wood (talk) 23:36, 24 March 2021 (UTC)
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