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Cryonics has its share of celebrity supporters and other high-profile cases. The following list mostly excludes people primarily known as futurists.

Urban legends

Probably not here just yet...
  • Walt Disney was never suspended.[1] This is even despite a modern urban theory that says:

Disney's Frozen is only titled like that so when you Google "Disney Frozen" the movie comes up instead of conspiracy theories[2]

Disneyonice.com is also not evidence.


  • Paris Hilton and her pets were reportedly signed up with the Cryonics Institute since 2007[4][5] However according to Maria Konovalenko this appears to be a media hoax.[6] She may have been influenced by her magician partner Curtis Eugene Lovell II[7]
  • Gore Vidal (suspended 2012) - author, was a supporter[8] but it's unclear if he was ever suspended.
  • Muhammed Ali (suspended 2016) - Boxer and activist. Visited a facility in 1992.[9] Unclear whether he was suspended after his death.[10]
  • Lucy Liu - actress, once quoted as saying "When I die, I wish to be cryogenically frozen in Nan Kempner's closet".[11] Not to be confused with her Futurama appearance in 'I Dated a Robot'[12]


  • Dick Clair[13] (suspended 1988) - Actor - Died amidst legal dramas[14]
  • Ted Williams (suspended 2002) - Baseball player, suspended at Alcor in 2002[15]
  • Arthur C Clarke - science fiction author and cryonics supporter. However he was buried rather than vitrified in 2008.[16]
  • Kim Suozzi (suspended 2013) - Young American woman who had a high media profile and kept a video diary around her terminal illness and crowd funded[17] suspension at Alcor[18][19][20][21]
  • JS (suspended 2016) - 14 year old British girl who won a right to be cryopreserved against the wishes of one parent, sparking calls for a stronger regulatory framework[22]


  • Larry Flynt - Publisher and pornographer - Enrolled with Alcor since 1986.[23] Referenced in an episode of Castle in this context[24]
  • Peter Thiel - Silicon Valley venture capitalist signed up for many years[25]
  • Simon Cowell - British TV presenter, since 2009[26]
  • Britney Spears - Singer, revealed in 2010[27][28]
  • Seth MacFarlane - Family guy writer and voice actor supported some time before 2011[29]
  • Larry King - TV and Radio host, emerged 2011[30][31]. He confirmed in 2015 he's opted for full-body preservation, but thinks the people behind cryonics are "all nuts"[32]

See also


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