Coalition for Radical Life Extension

The Coalition for Radical Life Extension is a movement to strengthen the life extension community and transhumanist community. The initiative was founded by the directors of People Unlimited (James Strole and Bernadeane) and has branched out into transhumanism, medicine and commercial relationships. As per the name, the organization advocates radical life extension.

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The Coalition's mission it to align people, resources and policies to a shared vision of curing aging. The Coalition communicates and advocates for unlimited lifespans in order to unite a critical mass of like-minded people, attract the necessary funding, enable vital collaborations and establish the public policies needed to revolutionize how radical life extension is viewed and supported in the world.

The group's largest project to date has been arranging RAADfest, a multi-day science and entertainment event. RAADfest is an annual event, since its first meeting in 2016.

Executive Director

James Strole

James Strole is the Executive Director of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, which is the producer of RAADfest, the largest global event of its kind. James is also the the Co-Founder and Co-Director of People Unlimited, an organization that supports people interested in unlimited lifespans. Co-author of the book Just Getting Started: Fifty Years of Living Forever, James is a visionary anti-death activist and community builder who has spoken and written on radical life extension and physical immortality for over four decades. He has dedicated his life to challenging death-oriented beliefs and practices, and has coached thousands of people in living an ageless lifestyle to achieve healthier, fuller, more vibrant lives. He has appeared on numerous TV shows both domestically and abroad, and has spoken to audiences on four continents.

Steering Committee


Besides RAADfest, the Coalition for Radical Life extension has created different avenues to accomplish their mission of aligning resources and education in the longevity arena, and made them available to the general public. Some of these include:

  • Webinar series, with presentations from longevity experts, started complimentary of charge, now part of the Coalition membership
  • Bacon Prize: The Bacon prize is named for both Roger Bacon and Sir Francis Bacon, who, though they lived centuries apart, both made pioneering contributions to addressing aging as a tractable medical problem. Sir Francis Bacon is best known for having discovered and popularized the scientific method. The Bacon Prize is awarded annually by the Coalition for Radical Life Extension to an individual in recognition of their excellence in work focused on curing aging, involving communication with both scientific and general audiences, and whose contributions have been documented and backed by peer review.
  • RAADcity, the Expo attached to RAADfest.
  • Longevity Marketplace: a directory of products and services to support longevity.
  • Fundraising efforts for other organizations, like BioViva

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