Conspiracy theories and transhumanism

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Conspiracy theories and transhumanism often go hand-in-hand.



Conspiracy sites such as Rightpedia associate prominent Jewish transhumanists with the usual Satanic nonsense.[2]

Artificial intelligence

Some conspiracy theorists testify that self-improving artificial intelligences and robots are killing labs full of scientists.[3] Trolls have made up the idea of a secret AI called CAIMEO having escaped from a lab and hiding out on the dark web.


DARPA's research into human augmentation division in its new Biological Technologies Office provides much conspiracy fodder.[4][5][6]


This video entitled Lady Gaga EXPOSES the Illuminati and the Facebook Transhuman Agenda links Lady Gaga, Facebook and transhumanism together confusingly.

The leaders of MIRI have been implicated as a part of shadowy plots.[7]


Steve Aoki's videos have been viewed suspiciously by transhumanist conspiracy theorists.[8]


The high profile nature of some Silicon Valley libertarians such as Peter Thiel or billionaires like Dmitry Itskov has created a strong public association of oligarchy with the idea for many. This in term plays easily into the hands of conspiracy theorists.


We're screwed

Transhumanism is often presented as an enemy of, or otherwise attacking and infiltrating religion.[9]. Considerable amount of effort by YouTubers such as The Vigilant Christian and Nicholson1968 is expended on these ideas.


Zoltan Istvan comments[10] how Alex Jones refers to transhumanism as the 'New Dark Age' [11] who infers links between global world government, the military-industrial complex and the dehumanisation potential of cybernetic enhancement. Others suggest satanic conspiracies[12] or occult[13] influences from a new world order.

Virtual Reality

The development of virtual reality has heralded the end of days for some groups.[14]

Zoltan Istvan

British conspiracy theorist David Icke has charaterised Zoltan Istvan's campaign as 'promoting the end of humanity'.[15] Other religious critics have compared him to the anti-christ.[16]

In fiction

Dan Brown's Inferno features a transhumanist who is secretly some kind of super villain.

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