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CYBATHLON 2016 took place on October 8th in the SWISS Arena, Kloten, Switzerland (near Zurich). CYBATHLON 2020 will take place on May 2-3. The CYBATHLON is a unique championship in which people with physical disabilities compete against each other to complete everyday tasks using state-of-the-art technical assistance systems. Robert Riener, head of the professorship for sensory motor systems,ETH Zurich, is credited with initiating the event in 2013.

In 2016 the competition had a total of 56 teams from 25 countries, the winners are:

  • Brain-computer interface race: Numa Poujouly - Team Brain Tweakers (Switzerland)
  • Functional electrical stimulation bike race: Mark Muhn - Team Cleveland (US)
  • Powered arm prosthesis race: Robert (Bob) Radocy - Team Dipo Power (Netherlands)
  • Powered exoskeleton race: Andre Van Ruschen - Team ReWalk (Germany)
  • Powered leg prosthesis race: Helgi Sveinsson - Team Rheo Knee (Iceland)
  • Powered wheelchair race: Florian Hauser - Team HSR Enhanced (Switzerland)[8]