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'''David Wood''' is a UK-based [[transhumanist]] who is also:
* Chair of [[London Futurists]]
* Executive Director of [[Transpolitica]]
* [http://deltawisdom.com/ a futurist consultant and keynote speaker]
* [http://smartphonesandbeyond.com/ a pioneer of the smartphone industry]
* [http://deltawisdom.com/books/ the author or editor of nine books], including [[RAFT 2035]], [[The Abolition of Aging]], [[Transcending Politics]], and [[Sustainable Superabundance]]
* [http://transhumanistparty.org.uk/ Treasurer and Co-founder] of the [[Transhumanist Party (UK)]]
* [http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/bio/wood a fellow] of the [[IEET|IEET]]
* [[H+Pedia:How I found H+Pedia#2015 | co-founder of H+Pedia]].
Since 2008 he has maintained [http://dw2blog.com/ a blog with "eclectic thoughts on technologies, markets, innovation, openness, collaboration, disruption, risks, and solutions"].
He was Secretary of the Board of Directors of [[Humanity+]] from March 2015 to September 2019.
== External links ==
== External links ==

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This page is deleted by CNTHE. (Medium mess)

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