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Deus Ex is a cyberpunk video game series set in a dystopian near-future from the mid-2030s through to the early-2070s. The world is governed by shadowy oligarchic organisations including the Illuminati, FEMA, Majestic 12 and the Knights Templar.

The augmentation available to the player is based on ether cybernetics or nanotechnology, allowing the character to perform various features of strength, stealth and combat allowing creative approaches towards exploring the game.

One the major themes of the series of of the social and technological inequality of the dominant factions, leaving it up to the player which groups they ally themselves with or none.


Publisher Square Enix uses the popularity of the franchise to communicate real transhumanist developments, and is even holding an event entitled "Human by Design" to showcase issues in even further depth. Square Enix have also partnered with Open Bionics to produce Adam Jensen inspired bionic prosthetics [1]

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