Dr Who (also known as Doctor Who) is a British science fiction/fantasy TV series that first aired in 1963.[1]

The show was originally created by Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, and Donald Wilson.[2]


Dr Who follows the adventures of a Time Lord referred to as "The Doctor", an extraterrestrial person with human-like appearance. They travel both time and space (often with a companion) in order to save those in need and to protect civilisations.

Some of the most iconic foes The Doctor has faced include the Daleks, Cybermen and "The Master" (a rogue Time Lord, and The Doctor's arch-nemesis).

Transhumanist Elements

Although made possible with the more science fantasy elements of the TV series, Time Lords such as The Doctor and their main rival The Master are both able to regenerate into a new incarnation of themselves when required due to the civilisation's advanced technology. The Time Lords are labelled as type IV on the Kardashev scale.

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