Dystopian transhumanism

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Dystopian transhumanism is a popular portrayal of transhumanist societies and technologies in science fiction.

Whilst it's not always possible to tell the differences between fascist transhumanism and oligarchic transhumanism this is possible if you break things down by theme.

Reactive or anarcho-transhumanism will typically stand opposed to either approach whatever that might be.

Example themes:

Theme Fascist transhumanism Oligarchic transhumanism
Non-consensual body modification X X
Unfriendly AI X X
Brain remote control or Brain washing X
Enforced eugenics or Genetic castes X
Organ trade X X
Post privacy society X X
Machine slavery X X
Simulated reality X X
Corporatism / Wage slavery X
Limitations on reproductive rights X X
Eroded trust in identity X X

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