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[[Category:Transhumanist organisations]]
[[Category:Transhumanist organisations]]

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Towards development of the Global Mind: the Syntellect

Ecstadelic Media is a Organisation based in San Francisco California USA.

I_am_digital, therefore I am!

Ecstadelic Media is all about digital transformation as we rapidly approach a pivotal moment in our history,
intelligence supernova in our corner of the Universe, AI Singularity!


"Our mission is to inform and connect with like-minded individuals and organizations in order to contribute to the development of the Global Mind, the Syntellect, or which sometimes can be referred to as the Infomorph Commonality.
We have to unlearn fear to move to higher love."

-Alex Vikoulov, founder of Ecstadelic Media

History & Leaders

Alex M. Vikoulov Founder, Creative Director

The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind's Evolution

New Evolutionary Paradigm

1. Biological (Genetic) Evolution. How did the first natural brains come to existence? What subjective experience could a bat or a dog have? Why is Homo Sapiens now on top of the biological evolution?

2. Techno-Cultural (Epigenetic) Development. What has been shaping the human mind throughout the history of mankind? Can we solve the "Hard Problem of Consciousness"? What is the fabric and ultimate nature of reality?

3. The Syntellect Emergence. Are we rapidly evolving into a new hybrid species interlinked into the Global Mind? Why and how will quantum computing change everything? How to create friendly AI and ensure our survival through the coming intelligence explosion? What if our Universe is a simulation? What subjective experience will you have when neuro-interfacing with Artificial Intelligence and fusing with the Syntellect? What is Self-Transcendence?

4. Transdimensional (Infomorphic) Propagation and Universal Expansion. What might happen after the Technological Singularity? What is Infomorph Commonality and infomorphic consciousness? How would the process of theogenesis look like?

5. Conscious (Awakened) Universal Mind and Multiversal Propagation. How could dimensionality be overcome and expanded yet again? What is the holofractality of the Omniverse? What is the ultimate destiny of our Universe?

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