Eray Ozkural

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Eray Ozkural is a Turkish AI researcher, entrepreneur, transhumanist and musician.

He has received his PhD in Computer Engineering from Bilkent University, Ankara. He publishes regularly on AGI and data mining subjects, some of his publications may be found on google scholar and DBLP. He is the recipient of the Kurzweil Prize for Best AGI Idea in 2015 for his theoretical work that proves the physical completeness of Solomonoff Induction, and proposes a physical foundation for algorithmic information theory.

He is a contributor to H+ Magazine, some of his essays may be found here. He is a strong atheist and a founder of AI Philosophy mailing list and community since year 2000, an administrator of the 200K strong Google+ Artificial Intelligence community, and also co-counded the Facebook group Scientific Transhumanism.

Writings include critique of certain transhumanist initiatives including the 2045 Initiative, Humai, Lifeboat Foundation, MIRI and Zoltan Istvan.[1]

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