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The following article refers both to the 1988 Extropy: Vaccine For Future Shock and the later Extropy: Journal of Transhumanist Thought, the print publications of what would later become the Extropy Institute and a major part of Extropianism.


Extropy: Vaccine For Future Shock, started by Max More and Prof. Tom Bell (T.0. Morrow), debuted in August 1988 as a printed magazine, with only fifty copies of the first issue. The title became Extropy: Journal of Transhumanist Thought, and a total of seventeen issues were published. Then, in November 1997, it moved to the Web as Extropy Online, where articles continued to be published for three years. After a year of dormancy, it returned to the Web in February 2002 as its current form, Extropy: Journal of Transhumanist Solutions.[1]


Edition #11

Below, the first extropy advertisement, used by Tom Bell and Max More in the Fall of 1988 to promote the first few issues of their journal.[2][3]



Issue Covers Summary[4] Full Contents Date
EXTROPY #1 Ex Post.pngEx RCov1.png
A brief overview of extropian philosophy and an introduction to some of the topics we plan to address: AI, Intelligence Increase Technologies, Immortalism, Nanotechnology, Spontaneous Orders, Psychochemicals, Extropic Psychology, Morality, Mindfucking, Space Colonization, Libertarian Economics and Politics, Memetics, and Aesthetics; "Morality or Reality".
Missing :( Fall 1988
Review of Mind Children; Darwin's Difficulty; A Truly Instant Breakfast; Wisdomism; Nanotechnology News; Weirdness Watch.
Article: Darwin’s Difficulty[5]
Missing :( Winter 1989
Forum; Love as a Contractual Relation; Love as a Sharing of Values; Agapeic Love; Sexual Information; Psychedelics and Mind-Expansion.
Article: Sexual Information- Page 22
Article: Psychedelics and Mind Expansion[6]
Missing :( Spring 1989
EXTROPY #4 ExtrCov4.png
Forum; In Praise of the Devil; Neurocomputing; Why Monogamy?; What's Wrong With Death?; Reviews: Are You a Transhuman? Postscript to "Morality or Reality"; Efficient Aesthetics; Intelligence at Work: Advances in Science.
Article: Efficient Aesthetics - Page 36
Article: Why Monogamy? - Page 16
Missing :( Summer 1989
EXTROPY #5 Cover5.png
Forum: Art and Communication; Leaping the Abyss; Arch-Anarchy; Deep Anarchy; I am a Child; Perceptrons (Neurocomputing 2); On Competition and Species Loss; A Review of Intoxication; Intelligence at Work; Extropian Resources; The Extropian Declaration; Our Enemy, `The State'.
Article: An Eliminativist View of "The State"[7]
Missing :( Winter 1990
Transhumanism: Towards a Futurist Philosophy; The Thermodynamics of Death; The Opening of the Transhuman Mind; The Extropian Principles; Neurocomputing Part 3; Forum on Arch-Anarchy and Deep Anarchy; Reviews: Order Out of Chaos, The Emperor's New Mind, A Neurocomputational Perspective, Loompanics Greatest Hits, The Machinery of Freedom; Extropian Resources, and more.
ext6.pdf Summer 1990
A Memetic Approach to `Selling' Cryonics; Privately Produced Law; Order Without Orderers; Futique Neologisms; Neurocomputing 4: Self-Organization in Artificial Neural Networks; Forum on Transhumanism; Reviews of Smart Pills, Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman, Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition; and more...
Article: Order Without Orderers[5]
Missing :( Spring 1991
Idea Futures: Encouraging an Honest Consensus; Dynamic Optimism; Neurocomputing 5: Artificial Life; Futique Neologisms 2; Extropia: A Home for Our Hopes; Human-Transhuman-Posthuman; reviews of David's Sling; Unbounding the Future; The Silicon Man. (Photocopy of original.)
ext8.pdf Winter 1991 / 1992
EXTROPY #9 Ed9.png
The Extropian Principles, 2.0; Extropy Institute Launches; Persons, Programs, and Uploading Consciousness; Nanotechnology and Faith; The Making of a Small World (fiction); Genetic Algorithms; Time Travel and Computing; Futique Neologisms 3; Exercise and Longevity; The Transhuman Taste (Reviews): The Anthropic Cosmological Principle, The Blind Watchmaker, The Ultimate Resource, Population Matters, The Resourceful Earth, Bionomics.
ext9.pdf Summer 1992
EXTROPY #10 Extropy 10.pngBack10.png
Pigs in Cyberspace, by Hans Moravec; Protecting Privacy with Electronic Cash; Technological Self-Transformation, by Max More; Mark Miller interview, Pt.1: Creole Physics & the Credit Theory of Identity; Nanocomputers: 21st Century Hypercomputing; The Transhuman Taste (Reviews): Two books on Ayn Rand & Objectivism; Nanosystems; Genius.
Winter / Spring 1993
EXTROPY #11 Ed11.png
Uploading Consciousness, by Ralph Merkle; Extropian Principles v.2.5, by Max More; Traversable Wormholes: Some Implications or Contact! A Post-Singularity Phase Change; A Conversation with Mark Miller, Part 2: The Day the Universe Stood Still; "Bunkrapt": The Abstractions that Lead to Scares About Population and Resources, by Julian L. Simon; Reviews of Theories of Everything, In Our Own Image: Building an Artificial Person, Mirror Worlds.
ext11.pdf Summer / Fall 1993
A Practical Look at Ocean Colonization; The Last Free Place on Earth; Logical Languages: A Path to Posthuman Rationality?; The Open Society and Its Media; God and Man at Yale: A Conversation with David Ross, pt.1; Forum: Nanarchy (automated police and defense systems). Wormhole Warfare; Reviews of Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic, and The Children's Machine.
ext12.pdf 1st Quarter 1994
EXTROPY #13 Ed13.png
Boundless Constellations: The Emergence of Celestial Civilization, by Nick Szabo; If Uploads Come First: The Crack of a Future Dawn, by Robin Hanson; Utility Fog, Part One, by J. Storrs Hall; Two Questions for Extropians, by Charles Platt with response by Max More; Souls, Cyberspace, Sins, and Singularity: A Conversation with Dave Ross, Part 2, by Dave Krieger; Neurocomputing 7: Sequential Neural Nets, by Simon D. Levy; Humor: Galactomatic-1000, by Carl Feynman; reviews of The Origins of Order: Self-Organzation and Selection in Evolution, Good Mood: The New Psychology of Overcoming Depression.
ext13.pdf 3rd Quarter 1994
EXTROPY #14 No14-1995.jpg
Utility Fog, Part 2, by J. Storrs Hall; Methusaleh's Kitchen: An Interview with Roy Walford, M.D. (Part 1) by David Krieger; Evolutionary Architecture and Extropian Consciousness, by Fred Stitt; Lilliputian Uploads, by Robin Hanson; Bio-Enhancement Update: Prozac and the Next Generation, by Dr. Ray Sahelian; Reviews of The Physics of Immortality, Morals By Agreement, and Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: On the Matter of the Mind.
ext14.pdf 1st Quarter 1995
EXTROPY #15 Cover15.png
Future Forecasts by Benford, Bridge, Drexler, FM-2030, Miller, More, Szabo; Introduction to Digital Cash, by Mark Grant; Thoughts on the Economics of "Digital Money", by Lawrence H. White; Hayek's Denationalisation of Money, by Max More; Ecological Experiments, Space Habitats, & Long Life: An Interview with Roy Walford, M.D. (Part 2) by David Krieger; Profile: FM-2030; Bio-Enhancement Update: Melatonin, by Dr. Ray Sahelian; Enigma: Squared Deal, by Mark Wolf; Mindsurfing: The Internet Adapter, by Yow; Consciousness: Spontaneous Orders and Selectional Systems, by Reilly Jones; Reviews of The World of 2044, The Theory of Free Banking, The Millennial Project.
ext15.pdf 2nd-3rd Quarter 1995
EXTROPY #16 No16-1996.jpg Article: Murder at the Liar’s Club pages 48-49[8]
Article: Smart Contracts: Building Blocks for Digital Markets[9]
Article: Intelligent Information Filters and Enhanced Reality
Article: Complacency and Conservation
Missing :( 1996
EXTROPY #17 Cover17.png Summary: https://web.archive.org/web/19990506050549/http://www.extropy.com/~exi/ext17.htm
Article: Fractal Mazes pages 66-67[8]
Missing :( 2nd half 1996[10]

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