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H+Pedia supports planning for Future TransVision events.

Suggestions for changes

Aspects of recent TransVision events that went well, and which should be preserved or increased in future events:

  • An inspiring venue in a magnificent location
  • Reports from transhumanists around the world
  • Opportunities for extended discussions in both formal and informal networking periods
  • Dialogs between panels of speakers, in response to audience Qs&As, after they had all given presentations

Aspects of recent TransVision events where changes should be considered:

  • Provision of fruit and vegetables alongside (or instead of) cookies; provision of vegan meals
  • Stronger recommendation for speakers to prepare visual slides, to help engage audience attention, rather than speaking without slides
  • More careful vetting beforehand of the relevance and appropriateness of the content (applies to both artists and speakers)
  • Involvement of transhumanist artists instead of random ones
  • More workshops and group work

Suggestions of the topics to be covered

Review of new scientific achievements and new technologies in H+ fields. Can be done by researchers working in those areas. Can include:

  • brief state of the art review
  • advancements since last Transvision
  • discussion
  • Marketing
Nick Bostrom said the great contribution of the transhumanist movement was its “awareness-spreading role.”
We are selling a philosophy, a way of life, we are telling people how they should think. The values of Joy, Growth and Choice are cornerstones of the Better than Well message and this message needs help from professional marketing people.
We need people who know how to sell. I do research, so I know only a little about marketing & sales, and it sounds boring, though I am certain I would enjoy and could benefit from a workshop on how to spread-awareness more effectively.

Suggestions for working groups

Working groups that might be set up (these working groups could have broader impact than simply guiding the planning of future TransVision events):

  • Virtual gatherings: Online alternatives to real-world TransVision events
  • Managing messaging: Best practice in communicating transhumanist topics (control over content and style of messaging)
  • Managing event finances: Ways to organise TransVision events without the lead organisers risking significant financial loss