Global Healthspan Policy Institute


The Global Healthspan Policy Institute (GHPI) is a US based life extension advocacy organisation. It was formally launched in January 2016.[1]

The GHPI was known as the Life Extension Policy Institute during its pre-launch planning phase.


The GHPI is led by[2]

Aaron Traywick was part of the team until he was forced out in 2016.[3]

Initial focus

GHPI have stated[4] that their initial focus is in educating the US Congress and members of the US Administration on the current impact of aging-related disease on public health, well-being, and the economy:

  • Nearly 75% of all U.S. deaths are linked to 9 aging-related diseases.[5]
  • By 2030, the number of U.S. adults aged 65 years or older will more than double, to about 71 million, and Medicare spending will increase by 25% ($9 billion).[6]
  • One-third of all Medicare spending ($15,000 per person) is tied to aging disease.[7]
  • The economic value of treating the underlying causes of aging-related disease in the U.S. – instead of just one disease at a time – is projected at $7.1 trillion for the next 50 years.[8]

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