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There is an emergent article ratings system.



Reviewed, good articles of a reasonable length may feature on the home page.

Articles closely related to the featured article should also be in a reasonable state.

Articles should be an examples of quality H+Pedia article that the site aspires to and be closely aligned with the H+Pedia mission.


Summaries should be written for Template:Featured. Ask an administrator to promote your featured article summary into the featured articles template.

The article itself can be tagged with {{Featured article|Article name}} to show a logo that it's a featured articles.

Such articles end up in category: Category:Featured articles



Good articles have the potential to be become featured articles.

Articles should not feature too many red links, uncited sources or poor formatting.


Tag such articles in Category:Good articles

They likely need a feature summary written up underneath Template:Featured and may require some final copy editing.

Large articles may be candidates for the home page.



Complete articles are smaller articles which are on mission and in a state of completion or very near completion.

They may not have the potential to ever achieve good article status due to their limited scope or content.


Tag such articles in Category:Complete articles


These standards have not yet been defined.