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H+Pedia is considering a new logo in order to better harmonise with the overall Humanity+ brand, as featured on http://humanityplus.org and http://hplusmagazine.com


The winning design was:

Mylogo2.jpg "Blue on white"

High resolution version:


Final shortlist

H+Pedia participants are asked to indicate on the Discussion tab for this page which of the following four shortlist choices they prefer:

Red and white.jpg "White on red"

Grey and yellow.jpg "Yellow on grey"

Mylogo2.jpg "Blue on white"

Mylogo4.jpg "Orange on white"

Please sign your contribution in the Discussion tab.

Voting will be closed at midnight Pacific Time on the evening of Friday 25th November.

The shortlist was selected by Humanity+ Chair Natasha Vita-More after consultation with the Humanity+ Board and the H+Pedia admin team.

Note: the following images illustrate how logos would appear in the context of a full wiki page

Logos in draft context.jpg Untitled-2.jpg


The following requirements exist for the logo of H+Pedia:

  • The logo should be square, or near square, in order to fit into the design of the page template
  • The logo should support the creation from it of a smaller "favicon" that can appear in web browser tabs
  • The colour choice should be congruent with the colours used on the H+Pedia main page
    • The colours on the main page could be changed in line with any new colours used by the logo

As well as featuring on H+Pedia pages, versions of the logo will also appear


From Natasha Vita-More

The following have been submitted for consideration by Natasha Vita-More.

NVM logo 01.jpg NVM logo 02.jpg NVM logo 03.jpg NVM logo 04.jpg NVM logo 05.jpg NVM logo 06.png NVM logo 07.png NVM logo 08.png NVM logo 09.png NVM logo 10.png NVM logo 11.png NVM logo 12.png NVM logo 13.png NVM logo 14.png NVM logo 15.png NVM logo 16.png NVM logo 17.png NVM logo 18.png

From Elliot Sumner

The following have been submitted for consideration by Elliot Sumner

Elliot Sumner H+ 1.png

ES h+ 2.png ES h+ 2a.png

From Transhuman Tees

The following have been submitted for consideration by Transhuman Tees

Logos that may require a re-design of the main page's colours:

H+Logo(o-b4).jpg H+Logo(o-b5).jpg H+Logo(o-b6).jpg H+Logo(o-b7).jpg

Logos using current H+Pedia colours:

H+Logo(150)yelbluwhi.jpg H+Logo(150)yelbluwhi2.jpg H+Logo(150)yelbluwhi3.jpg

Logos that use the same colour as the current H+Pedia sidebar:

H+Logo(150)SidebarCol.jpg H+Logo(150)SidebarCol2.jpg H+Logo(150)SidebarCol3.jpg

Logos with a white background:

H+6.jpg H+12.jpg H+13.jpg H+14.jpg H+17.jpg H+18.jpg H+19.jpg H+Logo.jpg H+Logo(o-b1).jpg H+Logo(o-b2).jpg H+Logo(o-b3).jpg H+Logo(o-b8).jpg H+Logo(o-b9).jpg H+Logo(o-b10).jpg

Transhuman Tees has set up a sub-domain on TALFeed to test potential logos and skin/CSS options at http://wiki.talfeed.com

July 2015

An initial placeholder logo was created by David Wood on 17 July 2015. This incorporated elements of Humanity+ branding:

Hpluspedia July 2015.png

October 2015

A new placeholder logo was put in place in October 2015, removing the distinctive Humanity+ 'h+' symbol, since at that time, it was unclear to what extent H+Pedia would become an official project of Humanity+.

The new design sought to include a suggestion of an underlying globe, similar to the design of the main Wikipedia logo:


Shortly afterwards, a "favicon" based on the same design was introduced for the first time for the site:


Note: the actual favicon used is a shrunk-down version of this logo.