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If in doubt, see what existing pages are doing and emulate the formatting!


You will mostly probably want to use headings like so:

== Example ==

However if you want a second level heading, add another equals sign like so:


This is suitable for a sub topic within a second, but probably only used on larger pages.

=== Subheading ===

Contextual naming

In order to for subjects to be accessible to a wide range of readers, occasionally use of less scientific, more accessible terms will be preferred. Examples:


Where possible, pages should be 'Wikipedia compatible' without use of implicitly shortened names.


[[Category:Political transhumanist organisations]] not

[[Category:Political organisations]] (and assuming the transhumanist element is implicit)

Where the page doesn't need to be disambiguated on this wiki, the simpler name is okay, e.g.

David Pearce


David Pearce (philosopher) as exists on Wikipedia

Regional styles

This wiki accepts most dialects of English, e.g. US and British. As such some spelling variants may have established themselves. e.g.

[[Category:Transhumanist organisations]]

rather than:

[[Category:Transhumanist organizations]]

Should the page be focused on an area which has a specific dialect, native dialects are preferred, e.g.:

The Transhuman National Committee is a United States is a community based political party organization

However it is in the category "Transhumanist organisations"



You can use inline references like this when you need to cite a reference.

However you might want to write a references using the <ref> syntax, which will make the reference superscript and be referenced at the bottom references section.[1]

<ref>This is a fancy reference!</ref>


When it comes to external links, policy is far more liberal than Wikipedia. Use the following shortened link syntax:

We use a number of reference templates for popular services:

Please post in this order:

  • Custom links
  • Unstylised templated links
  • Small stylised links
  • Large stylised links
Link Example Creates
Official website [https://google.co.uk google.co.uk] google.co.uk
Facebook group [https://www.facebook.com/groups/Hpluspedia/ Facebook Group or FB Group] Facebook Group or FB Group
Subreddit {{Reddit|hpluspedia}} Reddit logo small.gif /r/hpluspedia on Reddit
Wikipedia {{wikipedia|example}} Wikipedia-favicon.png example on Wikipedia
Twitter {{twitter|Hpluspedia}} on Twitter
Facebook page {{facebook page|https://www.facebook.com/Hpluspedia/}}


Wikipedia prefers external links to come after references, presumably in an effort to discourage use of outgoing links. However on H+Pedia we prefer external links placed before references.

To place a reference, you use the <ref> tags likes so:

This is some information<ref>This is a reference</ref>

References will automatically display at the bottom of the page, or wherever you place the {{references}} template.


  1. This is a fancy reference!