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The goal of H+Pedia is that, within twelve months, the site will be widely regarded, by mainstream media, business planners, academics, and the general public, as a reliable, useful, authoritative source of information on transhumanism.

H+Pedia was created on 11th July 2015.

The development of H+Pedia is envisioned as follows:

  • During July 2015:
    • Create the site (done)
    • Establish a core team of administrators and designers
    • Provide initial material for around 20 articles
    • Put in place an interim logo
    • Devise basic rules and processes for the site operation
    • Establish security mechanisms
  • During August 2015:
    • Improve the design of the site
    • Start to publicise the site
    • Provide initial material for around 60 articles
    • Continue to improve existing articles
    • Identify 5 articles as "highlights" worthy of external attention
    • Plan the next ten months of H+Pedia development
  • From September 2015:
    • Execute the plan
    • Keep updating the plan

Opportunities to publicise H+Pedia include: