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The goal of H+Pedia is that the site will be widely regarded - by mainstream media, business planners, academics, and the general public - as a reliable, useful, authoritative source of information on transhumanism and radical futurism.

Input to H+Pedia is welcomed from everyone who shares this vision.

Guiding principles governing content include the following:

  1. Keep language plain rather than academic - the intended audience includes the general public
  2. Acknowledge the sources from which you draw your ideas and information
  3. Keep the meaning clear and unambiguous, by avoiding flowery or decorative language
  4. Show respect for views being criticised, rather than using emotional or derogatory language
  5. Especially when new to the project, start by making short changes, rather than far-reaching revisions
  6. Keep a sense of perspective; avoid long essays on individual topics
  7. Articles will be collaboratively edited, so don't sign contributions (the history of individual contributions is visible in the "View history" tab)
  8. Focus on material where transhumanists tend to have distinctive viewpoints

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