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The Half-Life universe encompasses the first person shooter Half Life series, as well as the puzzle-based Portal series.


Black Mesa is a US research corporation, experimenting with teleportation. Its New Mexico headquarters, the Black Mesa Research Facility, is a sprawling complex of advanced industrial and scientific facilities and serves as the setting of the first Half Life and its expansions.

Aperture Science is a private company that competes with Black Mesa for government funding, with a comically haphazard approach to basic research and development. In addition to stable wormholes and an alternative in-universe teleportation technology, their achievements include AI-controlled robotic systems (including reconfigurable architecture and weapon turrets), mind uploading, and cryonics.

The Combine or Universal Union, a multiverse-spanning, highly advanced technological civilization, are the main antagonists of the series. Led by 'advisors' (large grublike aliens wholly dependent on their technology for physical tasks), the Combine subjugates other species using synthetic biology and overwhelming military might transported through inter-universe portals.


Delays are serious business

Half life 2: Episode 3's development has been widely known and discussed since 2006. Originally intended for a tentative release for Christmas of 2007, the game is still in development with very few known details.

Black Mesa, A fan remake of the original Half Life in the Source engine, was originally released as a mod before transitioning to a commercial game in its own right with the support of Valve Software. Later stages are still in development.



  • Half Life (Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Sega Dreamcast (unreleased), Sony PlayStation 2), 1998
  • Half Life: Opposing Force (Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)
  • Half Life: Blue Shift (Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)
  • Half Life: Decay (Sony PlayStation 2), 2001
  • Half Life: Raising The Bar (Art Book)
  • Half Life 2 (Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)
  • Half Life 2: Lost Coast (Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)
  • Half Life 2: Episode 1 (Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)
  • Half Life 2: Episode 2 (Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)
  • Portal (Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)
  • Portal 2 (Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)

References in Other Media

The Deus Ex series games Human Revolution and Mankind Divided reference the original Half Life in an achievement title ("Unforseen Consequence"[1]) and email dialogs.[2]

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