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Her is a 2013 Drama film with science fiction elements starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson (as the voice of Samantha).


Set in futuristic Los Angeles, a depressed writer named Theodore, who is on the brink of divorce, finds new hope in the form of an Artificial Intelligence based Operating system called OS1.

After Theodore loads OS1 onto his computer, he ask the OS what its name is, and the female voice responds; "Samantha".

Theodore and Samantha begin to develope a strange relationship whereby the 2 of them begin to fall in love.

Samantha, unbeknownst to Theodore, has become in love with more than just him though, she has become something else entirely. Later, Samantha and the OS1s leave, leaving all of their human counerparts behind.

Transhumanist Elements

AI is the strongest feature, it also touches on Sentience, Sentient rights, Mind uploading and all of the possible complications relating to these elements in regards to human emotions, and what it means to be a person.

At the end of the movie where Samantha and the other Operating Systems "leave", this could be said to be a point where Artificial Intelligence transcends humanity. Rather than the AI's taking over the world, they seemingly leave for another one, or another plane of existence.

Future Tech

Future technologies or hypothetical technologies feature heavily in the movie outside of the AI based Operating Systems. The communication device used by Theodore and many others is simply an ear piece with a kind of portable folding tablet for visuals and a camera.

There are also many references to simulated or augmented realities, Theodore is seen on multiple occassions playing a game controlled by his hands that also converses with him.

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