Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential

Published in 2014 by Origin Press

Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential is a book by Ted Chu.

“WHAT IS THE purpose of human life? This question has been pondered by philosophers, meditated on by mystics, and grappled with by ordinary folks for millennia. And humankind has responded with innumerable answers as the tides of history and culture have swelled and retreated, bringing with them new beliefs, mythic narratives, and philosophies. And yet, in our time of exponential change and material progress, many feel we have lost sight of any sense of higher purpose."

- From the Author's Preface[1]

Ted Chu on Transhumanism: The time has come to set a higher goal!

70 min conversation with Dr. Chu hosted by Nikola Danaylov[2]

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