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Humanity+ is a non-profit organisation that promotes ethically using new technologies to improve human capabilities.[1][2][3][4]



Humanity+ (Humanity plus) was founded in 1998 as the World Transhumanist Association (WTA) by Nick Bostrom and David Pearce to provide a more inclusive transhumanist view compared to Extropianism and to better engage with the scientific mainstream. The first Transhumanist Declaration was created at this time.

In 2001 James Hughes was elected secretary of the World Transhumanist Association, formalised its structures and began building up a international network of local groups and volunteers[5]

The archived WTA site can be found at

In 2008 the organisation rebranded to Humanity+ and adopted a stylised h+ logo. [6]

Today along with the IEET, Humanity+ is the world's most prominent and influential international transhumanist organisation.


Humanity+ has maintained core documents about transhumanism:

Humanity+ publishes the web magazine h+ Magazine.

Humanity+ operates Humanity+ Press, a nonprofit publisher "focused on works that promote understanding, interest and participation in fields of emerging innovation with strong potential to lead to a radically better future". Humanity+ Press has published six books to date.

Historically, Humanity+ hosted the TransVision series of conferences.

Executive Director

From time to time, Humanity+ appoints an Executive Director to serve as the principal executive officer of the organisation.

Natasha Vita-More was appointed as Executive Director in February 2018. Previously Vita-More at various times held a number of Board roles including Chair and Secretary.

Previous Executive Directors have included, in historical order, James Hughes, James Clement, Alex Lightman, and Luke Robert Mason.

Board and advisors

As of February 2018 the board was comprised of[7]:

The advisers are [8]:


The operation of Humanity+ is governed by a set of Bylaws.

Humanity+ is supported financially by membership fees:

  • Full Member annual fees are $60, reduced to $30 for students, and for people in developing countries
  • Plus Member annual fees are $360, reduced to $276 per year for students and people in developing countries
  • Sponsor Member annual fees are $1,000.

Humanity+ also loosely coordinates a series of 'chapters' worldwide.


Humanity+ chapters can be either locale-specific or interest-specific.

In either case, the chapter is set up and championed by Humanity+ members as a specialisation of the overall Humanity+ organisation.

Active Humanity+ chapters include the following:














South America and Spanish speaking


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