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The Immortality Roadmap is an ongoing project from Alexey Turchin to map out key predictions and dependencies around the development of emerging technologies and existential risks.

Whilst labelled "immortality", it actually outlines a path towards indefinite life extension.

The series of maps and charts cover a great many transhumanist technologies and serve as both an outline of transhumanism and materials for decision making and risk analysis.


The following is a an interactive diagram of all core Immortality Immortality Roadmap themed maps created or under creation from Alexey Turchin.

Immortality RoadmapDigital immortality mapIdentity mapLife extension nowRoadmap of road map - top.png
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Existential risk analysis

Global catastrophic risks connected with biological weapons and genetic engineering

This document outlines key areas of existential or otherwise serious global risk posed by biological weaponry and/or genetic engineering.[1]

Doomsday Argument

The doomsday argument map makes the case that there is a greater than 50% probability that humanity will wipe itself out.[2]

Double scenarios of a global catastrophe

This map discusses how a combination of two lesser risks could act in combination to create global catastrophe.[3]

AGI Failures Modes and Levels

This map outlines different possible scenarios in which AI is either created under undesirable conditions or consequently leads to serious undesirable outcomes.[4]

How to Survive the End of the Universe

This map deals with the posthuman problems associated with the estimated finate lifespan of the universe and how even in the far future annihilation may be avoided.[5]

Plan of Action to Prevent Human Extinction Risks

A plan is outlined urging consideration and action around a variety of existential risks posed today.[6]

Typology of human extinction risks

This map breaks risk down by their various type, from present through to future and hypothetical.[7]

Life extension

Immortality Roadmap

The immortality roadmap, or "roadmap to personal immortality" presents an overview of 4 different approaches towards radical life extension:[8]

  • Plan A: Investment in anti-ageing therapies through to AI and mind uploading (most preferred)
  • Plan B: Cryonics
  • Plan C: Digital immortality
  • Plan D: Very small chance immortality may already exist through a variety of means.

Digital Immortality

The digital immortality map outlines various ways to capture digital information and how it might be used in the future to reconstruct varying levels of simulated people as a type of immortality.[9]


Simulation Hypothesis

In the simulation map, different types of simulation hypotheses are explored.[10]

AGI Safety Solutions

The AGI safety solutions map discusses various technological and philosophical ways in which AI might be made safe, or otherwise address the control problem.[11]

Roadmap of Roadmaps

The overview document, "Roadmap of The Roadmaps" illustrates the development of the individual maps so far. The main issues are missing translations and the grouping of all maps by problems, solutions and end results.[12]

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