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So you want to be a transhumanist grinder? These are some implant types you might consider.


The following are transponders. [1]

Read-only RFID

Responds to any reader that creates an RFID field, it will return a long ID, suitable for identification purposes.

Similar a finger print reader, except you have to remove the chip rather than burn off your fingerprints.

Rewritable RFID

As above, except you can rewrite the chip to display a different ID from time to time. (Limited amount of rewrites?)


NFC Chips

Passively powered as before. Can hold a bunch of custom data and has some compute ability such as password protection.

Compatible with NFC smart phones. Shiny

The next gen are are smaller: [2]

You can stick them on your nails rather than implant them. [3]



How do they work?


It's getting hot in here.[4]



There's a few options here: [5][6]

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