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So you want to be a transhumanist grinder? These are some implant types you might consider.


The following are transponders.[1]

Read-only RFID

Responds to any reader that creates an RFID field, it will return a long ID, suitable for identification purposes.

Similar a finger print reader, except you have to remove the chip rather than burn off your fingerprints.

Rewritable RFID

As above, except you can rewrite the chip to display a different ID from time to time. (Limited amount of rewrites?)


NFC Chips

Passively powered as before. Can hold a bunch of custom data and has some compute ability such as password protection.

Compatible with NFC smart phones. Shiny

The next gen are are smaller

You can stick them on your nails rather than implant them.



How do they work?


It's getting hot in here.[2]



There's a few options here[3]

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