Institute of Exponential Sciences

The Institute of Exponential Sciences (IES) is an international networking platform and think tank dedicated to accellerating the rate of technological innovations that have the potential to radically benefit humanity.


The institute generally assumes a technoprogressive and techno-positive position.[citation needed]

In publications, fellows have argued for curing aging to be a collective priority, rather than a fringe interest.

Mission and strategy

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The strategy of the IES is threefold:

  • Cultivating public awareness, interest and understanding
  • Providing a networking platform for innovation-minded agents of various professions
  • Allocating capital, funding or human resources to innovative projects


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The institute hosts innovator's cafe, which is a monthly networking event in the city of Utrecht.

At 2015-04-03, the IES held a series of lectures, introducing a subset of the fields it is concerned with, along with a general lecture on society and technology.

At 2016-02-27, fellows of the IES featured in a conference on transhumanism by the Universiteit Leiden.

A third, major conference has been rumored to be held in 2016.


Science departments

  • Ethics & Interdisciplinary Future Studies
  • Engineering
  • Biotechnology & Life Extension
  • Neurobiology & Cognitive Enhancement
  • Artificial Intelligence


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