Interim Board 2015 (TNC)

This is a Transhuman National Committee document – not an encyclopaedia article. Please do not edit it without special permission.

the following is the Interim Board of Directors or TNC Board/Executive Committee as appointed in open forum polls ( Nov 2015 )

David J Kelley - Board Chair Person

A CTO and Microsoft MVP for a multinational engineering firm. A Proven track record as a cross discipline team manager, technology strategist and managing engineering organizations with over 250 people with multi-million dollar budgets. Key focus is to make teams successful in dynamic changing environments dealing with cutting edge technologies from leading senior management teams developed corporate strategy to user experience teams developing the hottest in mobile and emerging technologies. A futurist that pay’s close attention to trends in emerging technology and how they relate to business and enjoy getting into the details to help solve problems when needed. Works as extension of the team focused on enable-ment and success KPI’s. Experience has included helping executives of billion dollar firms from Syngenta to Microsoft and executives like Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Ray Ozzie and working on high profile projects like the Nike Touch wall in New York or Entertainment Tonight. Also a speaker, speaking globally and regionally on topics such as UX (User Experience/Experience Focused Engineering), corporate strategy, emerging technologies and more. If there is anything new about how people experience technology David is interested.

BJ Murphy - Social Media Chair Person

B.J. Murphy is a professional writer, author, and futurist. He’s an Editor and Social Media Manager for the online futurist magazine Serious Wonder and an Affiliate Scholar for the nonprofit think-tank Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. He sits as an Advisory Board Member for the nonprofit NGO Lifeboat Foundation under both their Futurist and Space Settlement Board and is a co-author of The Future of Business: Critical Insights Into a Rapidly Changing World From 60 Future Thinkers.

Keith Comito - Partnership Outreach Chair Person

Keith Comito is a computer programmer and mathematician whose work brings together a variety of disciplines to provoke thought and promote social change. He has created video games, bioinformatics programs, musical applications, and biotechnology projects featured in Forbes and NPR.

* John Warren - Vice Chair

* Mike Lorrey - Board Treasurer (CFO)

* Daniel Anix - Compliance Chair

* David Othus - Board Secretary

* [TBD] - Technology Chair