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* {{twitter|ILCglobal}}
* {{twitter|ILCglobal}}
[[Category:International organisations]]
[[Category:International organisations]]
[[Category:Life extension organisations]]

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The International Longevity Centre Global Alliance is an international consortium of its member organisations dedicating to ageing research.

General transhumanism

Here is an overview of their member organisations:

Country Website
UK ilcuk.org.uk - on Twitter, Facebook Page
USA aging.columbia.edu/international-longevity-center - on Twitter
Brazil ilcbrazil.org - on Twitter Facebook Page
Canada ilccanada.org
Czech-Republic cello-ilc.cz
France ilcfrance.org
Germany mea.mpisoc.mpg.de
India ilcindia.org
Japan ilcjapan.org/english.html
Netherlands ilcnetherlands.org
Singapore tsaofoundation.org
South Africa ilcsa.uct.ac.za

There is also activity in Argentina, China, Australia, Dominican Republic and Israel.

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