Isaac Arthur

Isaac Arthur, futurist and YouTube presenter

Isaac Arthur is a physicist and futurist[1] who runs a popular YouTube channel Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur.

With growing popularity stemming from 231,031[2] YouTube channel subscribers, a Patreon channel, Reddit AMA (Ask me Anything), and his own sub-Reddit, Arthur covers a wide range of futurist and science fiction ideas including cyborgs, androids and artificial intelligence, the Fermi paradox and interstellar warfare, Dyson spheres and megascale engineering, quantum teleportation and faster-than-light travel—typically exploring hypothetical scenarios extending to the distant future.

I've never noticed my smart phone trying to merge into my brain, even when I'm holding it next to my head
          – Isaac on Hive Minds[3]


A selection of contemporary transhumanist topics includes:

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