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The Kardashev Scale measures a civilization's technological advancement based upon its energy consuption. It was created by Nikolai Semenovich Kardashev, a Russian astrophysicist, in 1964.

File:KardashevScale v8.jpg [1]

Type 0

This civilization doesn't rank on the Kardashev Scale. (We are currently a Type 0 civilization.)

Type I

This civilization uses all the energy of its host planet and all the energy that reaches it from its star.

Type II

This civilization uses the entirety its host star's energy. (A concept being the Dyson Sphere or more realistically a Dyson Bubble)

Type III

This civilization uses its host galaxy's entire energy output.

Type IV

This civilization uses the entire universe's energy output.

Type V

This civilization uses a collective of universes energy output.

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