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Kimberly Forsythe (born 1982) is a polymathic futurist, Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Boardmember and transhumanist advocate. She became a member of the Transhumanist Party in 2017. Since 2011, she has been an outspoken advocate of creating a world of abundance through technology and worked to prepare people for the coming technological unemployment. In August 2019, she joined to become a candidate in the U.S. Transhumanist Party 2020 Presidential Primary.


Forsythe has journeyed through various jobs and education, having experience in more than 30 positions, spanning 12 industries. She has a love for learning and new experiences. Educational courses include, but are not limited to:


SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE UNIVERSITY Information Technology - AI & Robotics Courses 2016

UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX Criminal Justice Courses 2008



RIVERSIDE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Business Law & Administration Courses 2001

VARIOUS FREE COURSES ON THE INTERNET Courses on a Wide Range of Subjects

Creative Publications

Move Over Digital DNA, Here Come Digital Metabolomes [1] Why I Believe We Need to Rip Up the Constitution and Start Over [2] Fully Automated Luxury Communism *is* Our Future [3] Digital Data on DNA: The Answer to Building the “Perfect” Human? [4]

Political Views and Policies

Her campaign slogan is "New World Optimism." In August 2019 Kimberly Forsythe and [5] announced that each would choose the other as a vice-presidential running mate should either of them win the primary election.

The New World Optimism Platform aligns heavily with the ideology of Fully Automated Luxury Communism and consists of actionable steps toward:

1. Encourage more people to adopt neighborhood, personal and school vertical farms. 2. Encourage increased availability and use of 3d printers. Establish localized recycling facilities for plastics to be made into filament for 3d printers. Devise more incentives for 3d modelers and CAD engineers to teach in schools 3. Implement a Universal Basic Income & Healthcare 4. Encourage cross-collaboration between researchers and government to share information and implement new technologies 5. Establish a truly decentralized internet where you own your information and declare access to it a basic human right, along with cell phone service 6. Implement blockchain on the national level for government services, including voting 7. Normalize the concept of transhumanism and subsidize related technologies 8. Declare education a basic human right and number one priority and raise the education budget, including allowing free college degrees 9. Incentivizing corporations to promote worker-ownership by increasing taxes on those who have little worker-ownership and offering higher tax breaks to those who have high worker-ownership 10. Strive for diplomacy with adversaries. 11. Encourage self-leadership. 12. Spread factual information and demand evidence in the event of accusations. 13. Understand the questions and objections we will come up against and devise answers for each one. 14. Understand the collective psyche, but also appeal to the senses of each individual as best we can. 15. Hold Mainstream Media more accountable for spreading misleading or false news. Use propaganda only for good. 16. Establishing lending libraries for a variety of tools and equipment.

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