Liberal transhumanism

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Liberal transhumanism is the mainstream political transhumanist position that stands in opposition to dystopian transhumanism in general and fascist transhumanism and oligarchic transhumanism more specifically.

Tenants include consensual use of technological enhancement by informed individuals as well as a non-authoritarian approach toward the application of technology in society. It is similar to the idea of how liberal democracy is distinct from a mere representative democracy which can become a tyranny of the majority.

Sub variants

Liberal transhumanism is a facet of individualistic libertarian transhumanism as well as the more socially-oriented ideas of democratic transhumanism and social futurism.

Anarcho-Transhumanism's support for individual rights and freedoms places it within this idea.


Liberal transhumanism is secular, promoting freedom from state religion, whilst not being atheistic or religious.

Differences with conventional transhumanist definitions

Explicitly liberal transhumanism places the emphasis of voluntary use of technologies. As such a number of common transhumanist sentiments can be made into 'liberal transhumanist' sentiments though qualifying them in example ways:

General transhumanist Liberal transhumanist qualification
We need to develop human enhancement technologies for those who choose to be enhanced
We should live forever or for as long as we want
Immortality is incredibly important for the individual and having this option will be beneficial for even those who do not choose it

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