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Lifetimes Infinity is an organisation that aims to achieve indefinite lifespan via mind uploading.[1]


The organisation has these philosophical principles listed on their website:

  • Death should be a choice, whether people choose to continue living or not, and it is of the utmost importance that we make this choice accessible to all.
  • Mind and avatar design will be essential for maintaining and improving life for cognitive beings. The way we interpret and interact with reality will determine the entire structure of future societies.
  • Mind uploading, mind design, and avatar technologies must be open and accessible. Individuals must have the ability to adapt their own digital minds and avatar bodies.
  • Security and privacy for the individual is essential in all mind and avatar technologies.
  • Making technologies and tools available to the public promotes collaboration, feedback, and decentralized development.
  • Transparency is vital to developing relationships with collaborators, communities, and other organizations.
  • There are many advantages to developing mind and avatar technology as a commercial entity, but we must make sure the commercial goals are in line with the indefinite life philosophy and milestones.
  • Getting the public interested in the development and future of mind technologies is important to the growth of communities and organizations supporting and developing these technologies.[2]

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  1. Lifetimes Infinity. "Lifetimes Infinity’s goal is to develop technologies that incrementally build toward mind uploading. We're just a group of immensely passionate people dedicated to making mind uploading possible and sharing that technology with the world. Our ultimate goals reach beyond just mind uploading and into other opportunities for pursuing indefinite life."
  2. Manifesto