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Logan's Run is a 1975 science fiction movie directed by Michael Anderson.[1] It is based on the book of the same name written by William F. Nolan.[2]


Set in what appears to a seemingly idyllic/utopian future, there is just one problem; Life ends at the age of 30.

Logan is a sandman tasked with "terminating" runners who try to escape what is referred to as Carousel, a deathist ritual where people who have reached the age of 30 are sent to be "renewed".

When a woman appears in his apartment through a teleportation dating service referred to as "the circuit" and begins asking questions, Logan sets out to discover the truth.

Transhumanist Elements

The main theme of Logan's run is not too dissimilar from that of Blade Runner except in Logan's run, it is humans who have an enforced lifespan. The movie could therefore be seen to be advocating for longevity and longer life.

Other Elements

  • A runner who is shown to be injured mentions a place called "New You" which is seemingly a kind of rejuvenation service. Logan mentions during this segment that the man could "get a new face while you're at it" making it appear that body augmentation is also available.
  • Teleportation is shown via "the circuit" the apparent dating/hook-up service.
  • Carousel could have been seen to be some kind of transhumanist technology if it did produce a true "renewal", perhaps something like a re-birth or reincarnation, but the truth in the movie is that it is simply a murderous way to keep the population in check.

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