Microchip implant

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A Microchip implant covers a range of technologies for placing tracking or processing devices into humans. They may be used in a military, corporate or personal context.

Current generation technologies function primarily as a convenience for the user, as the unique identifer transmitted is easy to clone and spoof in a security context.[1]


Grinders choose to voluntarily augment their bodies using such technologies and advocate this as an entirely elective procedure.

Some voices such as a Zoltan Istvan has gone as far as advocating chipping as a solution for managing refugees[2] and parents tracking their children.[3]

In fiction

Mandatory chipping is an established fascist dystopian trope. Whether it's The Borg in Star Trek assimilating an individual against their will or an advanced benevolent civilization with 'health chips',[4], the technology inevitably becomes used for evil.

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