Morphological freedom enthusiasts

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Morphological freedom enthusiasts are subsets of self modification enthusiasts which take a radical approach to the idea beyond conventional approaches such as piercings, cosmetic surgery or tattoos.

People with medial uses such as extraocular implant are not considered by this categorisation.

Examples include:

Cosmetic/'self' modification

Gender and sexuality

  • Postgenderists - Seen as either transhumanist or posthumanist version of non gender-binary individuals
  • Transgender and gender queer individuals


Other types

  • Some furries ("Biofurry"[1] or "Postfurry"[2]) - from fursonas through fur suits to possibly become real fur from majority biotechnological means
  • Racial transformation - Rarely called as "Transethicity" or "Transrace" or sometimes called as "Transracial"
  • Therianthropy/Therians - Are one of few groups in 20th century-to-currently still exist and proto-morphological freedom enthusiasts that believing they transformed "through shapeshifting" into Feral animals
  • Grinders - They are people who apply the hacker ethic to improve their own bodies with do-it-yourself cybernetic devices and self-mutations. Many grinders identify with the biopunk or biohacker movement sometimes with cyberpunk as well, open source transhumanism, and technoprogressivism.
  • Biohackers - aka DIY transhumanism may experiment (through ether bio-augmentions or cybernetics) on themselves to be DIY superhumans/bio-cyborgs/etc without goverment or national medical involvement.

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