Nanopunk is an emerging derivative of the Cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction.


Whereas Cyberpunk focuses on technological advancements as a whole, Nanopunk is largely Nanotechnology based.

Nanopunk shares similar concepts around mutation or biologically advanced like Biopunk, but unlike Biopunk, it doesn't change the bio-genetic structure to mutated/re-evolved a being, instead, it lets its fictional nanobots to bio-physically change the lifeforms biology and appearance.

Examples of classified confirmed or claimed references to Nanopunk in fiction

Nanopunk films

  • Transcendence - Has a main Nanopunk-based plot point near the end of the film. Some people treat this as the first mainstream example of Nanopunk in cinema.

Nanopunk comics

  • Scooby Apocalypse - Was revealed early on in the reimaging Scooby-Doo comic book monthly series, that the monsters were once humans, due to a deliberate nanite virus, was created by Velma (with her four brothers involvement, in this adaption) Dinkley as an attempted to try moving away from humanity's negative emotions, with a huge disastrous result, kicking off a post-apocalyptic setting, for the rest of the series.

Nanopunk video games

  • Deus Ex - The series did not want Biotechnology in their games, so they have Nanotechnology as augmentation for the player.
  • Crysis trilogy - The main protagonist is a nano-biotechnology modified spy who uses his abilities for stealth.

Nanopunk animation

  • Generator Rex - Has many Nano-biotech mutations or Nano-biotech modified monsters and few Nano-Biotechnologically advanced super-people dubbed "E.V.Os" fighting against each other for world dominance. The main plot is trying to find a cure for a Nanobot virus and trying to revert life back to the way it was before "The event" happens.

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