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Natasha Vita-More in 2010

Natasha Vita-More PhD is a professor at the University of Advanced Technology and the chair of Humanity+.

Personal Life

Natasha Vita-More is an futurist and multi-media designer. She wrote the Transhuman Manifesto in 1983, and the Transhumanist Arts & Culture in 1992. She has been an advocate of radical life extension for many years. Natasha was a close friend of FM-2030 until his death/cryonic suspension in 2000.[1] Today she is married to Max More who she pioneered the movement of transhumanism with. Dr. More is currently CEO of Alcor


In 1992, Natasha Vita-More, under her previous name Nancie Clark, ran on the Green Party ticket for the State Senate 28 District in Los Angeles County. More here: Transhumanist politics

She has created idea of Primo Posthuman, a vision for a highly modified transhuman body.

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