Overwatch is a team-based first person shooter video game set in the future.[1]

The game contains both postcyberpunk, solarpunk and (limited) biopunk elements.


It's official backstory set after World War-style Human vs Robot war dubbed 'Omnic crisis' where Humanity got golden technological age and one them is successfully created super AI that rebelled afterwards.

Transhumanist Elements

The game features both science fiction and science fantasy elements that can be seen as transhumanist. There are various Cybernetic enhancements in most Human characters like Sombra featured as an example.

The sci-fantasy elements include things such as unexplained advanced ai that acts and wants to be treated equally like humans, aliens and a biologically engineered talking Gorilla named Winston and newly announced Hero Moria (which happens to be geneticist) that portrayed and even acts as sort of Bio-chemically witch.[2]

Future Tech

The games also feature various future tech elements including:

  • Holograms
  • Clear glass computer tablets similar to those seen in Pure Genius and The Expanse.
  • Cybernetic implants in most all characters.
  • Genetically modified animals like Winston the Gorilla.
  • Bio-Chemically modified machine used by new announced 'Hero' Moria to fight against others players and later revealed in her backstory trailer that she gives her bio-chemical into Reaper's bloodlines thus giving him transportation ability.[3]

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